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Happy Hawaiian Holidays!

Holiday time on the Kona Coast!

So lucky we live in Hawaii! Water temperature is warm year round, as the Sun gently soothes the soul. Mauna Kea just got a snow storm, which cools the night temperatures at our South Kona Fruit Stand down to a brisk 62 degrees. Perfect sleeping weather with a down comforter! 🙂

Yellow Dragon Fruit

Ouch, cactus nettles hurt!

These are yellow dragon fruit. They are easily cut in half and scooped out with a spoon. It tastes like a melon and kiwi combined. South Kona Fruit Stand is planting more everyday in order to keep up with the demand for this super delicious fruit. It is used in their popular “DragonFruit-Mango” smoothie.

Multi Colored Cacau (Chocolate) South Kona Fruit Stand

Kona Hawaii Chocolate

Multi colored cacau (chocolate) Kona Fruit Stand

Many Kona farmers are now growing Cacau Pods (Chocolate) as an alternative to Kona Coffee. It is touted as a “Superfood” eaten raw, and added to smoothies gives them a real kick!