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Multi Colored Cacau (Chocolate) South Kona Fruit Stand

Kona Hawaii Chocolate

Multi colored cacau (chocolate) Kona Fruit Stand

Many Kona farmers are now growing Cacau Pods (Chocolate) as an alternative to Kona Coffee. It is touted as a “Superfood” eaten raw, and added to smoothies gives them a real kick!

Organic fruit riding the wave!

Big Island visitor Laura P. took this picture of starfuit. They are unbelievably sweet and juicy this year!










New Site and New Blog From The South Kona Fruit Stand

The South Kona Fruit Stand has a new and improved site, including a blog.  This is just a post to get it up and running.

Just to have something to actually post, here’s a picture of our Guinness World Record soursop:

South Kona Fruit Stand's World Record Soursop